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Number Theory and Magic Squares
(by P.V. Padmakumar)
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In this book a new technique to find Prime numbers and the atomic number of natural elements using Pythagoras theorem is described.
  • ISBN : 978-81-8449-321-4
  • Pub. Date : December 2011
  • Weight : 0.1 Kgs
  • No. Of Pages : 128
Imprints : First Edition - An Imprint of Sura Books
Language : English
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Apart from that, the relation between matrices and magic squares and the method of find a special type of magic square, named as twin magic square by the author is given. Through his path breaking studies on India's ancient strongly magic square, ''Sree Rama Chakram', the author Sril T.V. Padmakumar who has attracted appreciation even from western mathematicians, has succeseded in using this magic square in analytic geometry.
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