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Drawing & Colouring Grade-IV
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About Drawing & Colouring Grade-IV
  • ISBN : 81-7478-084-X
  • Pub. Date : April 2009
  • Weight : 0.5 Kgs
  • No. Of Pages : 24
Imprints : Dr. Professor - An Imprint of Sura Books
Language : English
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Drawing and colouring are some of the hobbies of children. They bring out this great talent in them. What kind of drawing needs the correct form of bringing out the picture? Children like to draw and scribble to show their way of drawing. If they are acknowledged and taught, they become good and great in their drawing. This series of five books will help them and their teachers to encourage in the art of drawing and colouring. The book contains pictures to be drawn using the proceedure given and to be coloured. Some books are for colouring purpose. It is fun and educational.

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