10th Standard CBSE (Ready Reckoner) Social Science Part I Exam Guide - 2017

10th Standard CBSE (Ready Reckoner) Social Science Part I Exam Guide - 2017 10%

  • Mrs Chitra M.A
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  • Publisher: Sura Books
  • Released: 2017
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
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♚ History
India and Contemporary World II
❁ The Making of a Global World
❁ The Age of Industrialization
❁ Work, Life and Leisure
❁ Print Culture and Modern World
❁ Novels, Society and History
♚ Geography
Contemporary India II
❁ Resource and Development
❁ Forest and Wildlife Resources
❁ Water Resources
❁ Agriculture
♚ Civics
Democratic Politics II
❁ Power Sharing
❁ Federalism
❁ Democracy and Diversity
❁ Gender, Religion and Caste
♚ Economics
Understanding Economic Development
❁ The Story of Development
❁ Sectors of the Indian Economy
᧼  Notes On Chapter
᧼ Technical Terms
᧼ NCERT Exercises Questions
᧼ Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions [HOTS]
᧼ Value Based Questions [VBQ]
᧼ Additional Questions
᧼ Multiple Choice Questions
᧼ Map Work

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Author Mrs Chitra M.A
Category Class 10
Publisher Sura Books
Publish Date 2017
ISBN-13 Number 9788184498295
ISBN-10 Number 8184498292
Language English
Edition Latest Edition
Number of Pages 352 Page(s)
Class 10th Standard CBSC Guide
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Width 18 (cms)
Length 24 (cms)
Weight 300 (gms)
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sowmyadeepak 20/Dec/2014

Compared to other portals, you are offering a better price

Was this review helpful?    
roselinerajashekar 04/Dec/2014

Parents all over - I would recommend buying this book mainly for the simple language maintained. All descriptions are very easy and kept simple. Text books preferred by other private schools are not this easy. They do have tough words included in the

Was this review helpful?    
priyaraja 04/Dec/2014

This book covers all Indian history, world history and more in an easy to understand way

Was this review helpful?    
winstenyastur 29/Nov/2014

I got the book last week. This book contains good number of pictures in colors. This helps in making the book engaging

Was this review helpful?    
selvakumar 25/Nov/2014

The price looks affordable. Rs 207 for such a book is worth it

Was this review helpful?    
divyarajendran 19/Nov/2014

It`s a good book. Nothing much to describe. A core subject oriented book

Was this review helpful?    
venkatsaran 14/Nov/2014

For those who are ardent about social science subject, this book is definitely a gifted one. No body can better explain the happenings in history in a better way

Was this review helpful?    
deepak.iym 30/Oct/2014

Social studies is a bone-dry subject. However, this book is promising to make it interesting

Was this review helpful?    
lenadevi 16/Oct/2014

I would appreciate this portal for its exclusive nature. The idea behind building such an exclusive portal for books is worth it

Was this review helpful?    
maniprasanna 06/Oct/2014

I bought this book yesterday. I hope this will be good. I bought a book from sura publications already and I found it good. I hope this will be good too

Was this review helpful?    
syedabu 25/Sep/2014

Oh my god, this is one of the drowsy subjects. Be it however good it is, I`m not bothered about it. This book gives me good sleep!

Was this review helpful?    
fathimashanmu 15/Sep/2014

Oh my god, I`m scared of this paper. My tenth biology and math are far better than this subject. I find it too irksome to remember years and names of leaders which I literally hate.

Was this review helpful?    

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