TRB Physics PG Exam Books 2017

TRB Physics PG Exam Books 2017 10%

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  • Released: 2017
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TRB  Physics PG Exam Books 2017



✡ UNIT I    : Mechanics
✡ UNIT II   : Motion in One Dimension
✡ UNIT III  : Laws of Motion
✡ UNIT IV   : Work, Energy and Power
✡ UNIT V    : Rotational Motion and Moment of Inertia
✡ UNIT VI   : Gravitation
✡ UNIT VII  : Solids and Fluids
✡ UNIT VIII : Heat and Thermodynamics
✡ UNIT IX   : Oscillations and Waves
✡ UNIT X    : Electrostatics
✡ UNIT XI   : Current Electricity
✡ UNIT XII  : Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetostatics
✡ UNIT XIII : Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
✡ UNIT XIV  : Ray Optics
✡ UNIT XV   : Electromagnetic Waves
✡ UNIT XVI  : Wave Optics
✡ UNIT XVII : Nuclear Physics
✡ UNIT XVIII : Atomic Physics
✡ UNIT XIX  : Solids and Semiconductor Devices
✓ Practice Questions: Set - I
✓ Practice Questions: Set - II
✓ Practice Questions: Set - III
✓ Practice Questions: Set - IV
✓ Practice Questions: Set - V
✓ Practice Questions: Set - VI

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Author Editorial Team
Category TRB PG Exam Books
Publisher Sura College of Competition
Publish Date 2017
ISBN-13 Number 9788172541866
ISBN-10 Number 8172541864
Language English
Edition Latest Edition
Number of Pages 448 Page(s)
Height 2 (cms)
Width 24 (cms)
Length 18 (cms)
Weight 400 (gms)
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venkateshan 22/Nov/2014

Physics is one of the subjects I have always liked. It allows us to understand the surrounding world and the scientific reason behind every single happening around us. In that way, I personally like this book very much. Examinatino stands secondary.

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girthiraj65 26/Oct/2014

This book encompasses so many topics in physics. Each of these is certainly necessary for writing the exam. Solids and fluids, heat and thermodynamics, mechanics, laws of motion, wave optics, nuclear physics, and more are explained chapter by chapter

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srinivedha_87 13/Oct/2014

Very quick delivery. I`m fully happy with the delivery

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srinithyanambi89 08/Oct/2014

Though it is a subject only on physics, it is never boring me. It`s awesome. And interestin me very much

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pushpaganesh 27/Sep/2014

I would say, this is a more descriptive and in-detail book on all the physics and in fact, the entire science we all had studied in our school and college levels. When a person reads this book, it is sure to fetch all the knowledge on too many concep

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