10th Standard CBSE (Ready Reckoner) Science Part II Exam Guide

10th Standard CBSE (Ready Reckoner) Science Part II Exam Guide 10%

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♚ Chemical Substances - Nature and Behaviour
❄ Carbon and Its Compounds
❄ Periodic Clssification of Elements
❄ How do Organisms Reproduce
♚♚ World of Living
❄ Heredity and Evolution
❄ Light Refletion and Refraction
♚♚♚ Natural Phenomena
❄ The Human Eye and the Colourful World
❄ Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
♚♚♚♚ Natural Resources
❄ Management of Natural Resources
❀ Key Concepts
❀ Solved NCERT Intext Questions
❀ Solved NCERT Exercises
❀ Solved NCERT Activities
❀ Value Based Questions [VBQ]
❀ Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions [HOTS]
❀ Solved NCERT Exemplar Questions
❀ Additional Questions
❀ Formative Assessment
❀ Self - Assessment Paper 1 & 2

Book Specifications

Author BIOLOGY : Mrs Subha Sarathy M.sc, CHEMISTRY : Mrs. Asha Gupta M.Sc, PHYSICS : Mr Rajendra Prasad M.Sc
Category Class 10
Publisher Sura Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publish Date 2017
ISBN-13 Number 9788184498684
ISBN-10 Number 8184498683
Language English
Edition Latest Edition
Number of Pages 496 Page(s)
Class 10th Standard CBSC Guide
Height 2 (cms)
Width 18 (cms)
Length 24 (cms)
Weight 400 (gms)
Handling Days Same Day Shipping

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rajashekaran 21/Dec/2014

Paper quality of the book is fine. I like it so much. And on the whole, the book is a worth buy

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vishnuvardhini 17/Dec/2014

Ppl why is this book priced this much high? I saw the math book price. It was only 191. but the science book is Rs 238

Was this review helpful?    
rehman.m 07/Dec/2014

I`ve been struggling with most of the chemistry formulae and equations. This book gives a better clarity in figuring out those details, however it doesn`t fullfil my doubts though

Was this review helpful?    
kinshukgupta 29/Oct/2014

Is this book only for term 2?

Was this review helpful?    
srividhya 21/Oct/2014

I got the book delivered on the same day of placing the order. Such a quick delivery which I have never even found with other ecommerce sites. Too good. Thank you so much surabooks.com

Was this review helpful?    
saranj 19/Oct/2014

I`ve just placed my order. I already purchased a guide for math from sura publications. It was really helpful. That was a trial. And following that, I`ve now placed my second order

Was this review helpful?    
jerina 18/Sep/2014

Despite offer, this book is priced Rs 238?

Was this review helpful?    
baghirathi 17/Sep/2014

The awesomeness of this book lies with the simple style you have maintained throughout the book. It`s too easy to refer and understand all the concepts. You have our level of knowledge and level of English in mind and have given simple and easy to un

Was this review helpful?    

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