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My Orders & My Account

Understanding ‘My Account’. How to update my personal information?

Updating your SURABOOKS.COM account and viewing the orders is very easy and can be done any time by going to ‘My Account’.
It allows you to have overall control of all your transactions that place on SURABOOKS.COM .

  • Edits/manage personal data like your email ids, phone numbers and address.
  • Tracking your order status
  • Change your password


How to merge my SURABOOKS.COM accounts that are linked with other email ids?

It is possible to merge two SURABOOKS.COM accounts that are linked with different email ids. You can also update the email ids that are linked to your current SURABOOKS.COM account. The procedure is very much similar.

  • Step One: Log in to the SURABOOKS.COM account.
  • Step Two: Go to ‘settings’ tab, present in ‘My Account’ pane and click on the option stating ‘Update email’.
  • Step Three: You will you ‘current email id’ in ‘update email’ section. Enter ‘new email id’ beneath. Click on ‘Save Changes’ button to receive a message stating ‘We are sending you a mail to your latest email id to re-confirm’.
  • Step Four: Visit ‘new email’ section and click on SURABOOKS.COM account. Then update email message to confirm.
  • Step Five: You will be then redirected to ‘Updated email’ page. Below the ‘new email id’, you need to provide password for the present SURABOOKS.COM account. Then enter new SURABOOKS.COM account password. Once again re-enter password for confirming the new SURABOOKS.COM account password. Now click ‘update email’ button.


How to understand my order is confirmed?

Once the order is logged and you have received the payment authorization, seller would confirm order receipt and starts to process it.

An email would be sent to you containing particulars of your order on confirmation of the order. The mail would contain a unique Order ID (For instance, OD1303140214), including the list of products that you had ordered, the anticipated delivery date.

You will receive notifications, when the seller ships products to you. The shipping details would be provided along with the related tracking number(s).



Is it possible to order an item, which is currently ‘Not in Stock’?

Unfortunately, items that are listed ‘Not in Stock’ will not be available for sale. You can utilize the ‘Notify Me’ feature for getting information on the availability of the product with sellers on SURABOOKS.COM .




Why there are different rates for books having similar title?

On SURABOOKS.COM s, you might come across different editions of a title. Several editions could be collector’s earlier/first prints, while others could be paperback or hardcover. By visiting the product page, you can view the details.

Several editions are printed/re-published within India, while others are imported. Every other available edition along with alternative rates for a specific title has been mentioned clearly on the related product page, which you can find under ‘Other Editions’.



Why different rates are present for similar products?

You may come across a product having different rates. There might sellers who are offering the same product at different prices. This is the general nature of SURABOOKS.COM marketplace, where various sellers tend to compete for your valuable order.



It is important to have an account for shopping on SURABOOKS.COM ?

You can enjoy shopping with SURABOOKS.COM, simply by providing your email ID. Although, it is not quite necessary to use an account for shopping and purchasing items, you are recommended to use one. With the creation of your very own SURABOOKS.COM account, it is possible for you to enjoy personalized shopping experience, which includes quicker checkout, recommendations and public wish list. Moreover, you can also review/rate the sellers and products.



Gift Voucher

How to purchase/gift e-Gift Voucher?

Purchasing an e-Gift voucher is very simple.

  • Enter the person’s name & his email address that you desire to send an e-Gift Voucher (e-GV).
  • Enter voucher value that you wish to purchase. Click on ‘Proceed to make payment’.
  • Now, the sidebar would show the available payment options. Payment can be made through ATM Card / Debit Card / Credit Card / Net banking. You can proceed with your preferred choice of payment, or in case, you require making any changes in the value, you always can click on ‘Edit’ for modifying it. After completing the checkout procedure, you will get an email along with e-GV details.


How to purchase with e-Gift Voucher?

Quite Simple!

  • Visit WWW.SURABOOKS.COM and select items that you desire to buy.
  • When ready to checkout, ‘click on ‘Proceed to make payment’. This procedure is similar to the regular checkout procedure followed on SURABOOKS.COM .
  • Select the option ‘Payment by e-Gift Voucher’.
  • Enter the 16 digit Voucher Number, including corresponding 6 digits PIN number, at the time, when prompted.
  • In case, the e-Gift voucher amount does not cover the order total, then you will be prompted for selecting an additional mode of payment.


IMPORTANT: Funds would be deducted from the e-Gift Voucher, when you place an order. If there is an issue of cancellation or adjustment later, we would (re)issue the fund as credit in your voucher.



Does e-Gift voucher have an expiry date?

LYes. Every e-Gift Voucher does expire one year from the issue date.



Is it possible to utilize promotional codes along with e-Gift Vouchers?

Yes, you can by all means!



Are there any limits on the number of e-Gift Vouchers to be used on single orders?

A maximum of three e-Gift Vouchers can be used for each order.



Terms and conditions that apply to the e-Gift Vouchers


  • The SURABOOKS.COM .com e-Gift Vouchers (e-GV) is possible to be redeemed on SURABOOKS.COM .com only if the seller in question is SURA BOOKS.
  • Other e-GVs cannot be purchased by using the e-GVs.
  • A single or more e-GVs can be easily redeemed against a particular order. The e-GVs also can be clubbed along with the SURABOOKS.COM .com applicable promotional codes.
  • In case the order value exceeds e-GV amount, then the balance needs to be paid by Debit Card / Credit Card / ATM Card / Internet Banking.
  • In case, the order value is below the e-GV amount, then the remaining balance (after order value deduction) would reflect under the e-GV balance present in ‘My Account’ section.
  • e-GVs and the unutilized part of e-GVs would expire right form one year of its issue date.
  • It is not possible to redeem E-GVs for Credit or Cash, however, is transferable.
  • SURABOOKS.COM is not to be held responsible, if the e-GV is stolen, used without permission or lost.
  • It is possible to combine and utilize maximum up to three e-Gift Vouchers for an order.
  • You cannot redeem e-GVs against CoD Orders.


Order Status

How to check present order status?

The status of the order can be reviewed along with other related information. For this, you need to visit the ‘My Account’ category. Here, in ‘My Account’ page, you need to click on ‘My Orders’ link for viewing the entire order status. For viewing status of a particular order, you need to click on ‘Order Number’ link.



What does different order status denote?

Payment Authorized, Order still under Processing: The payment gateway gives the authorization and the order gets processed by the seller. Payment Pending Authorization: The order is logged and authorization is awaited from the concerned payment gateway. Order Cancelled: Order stands cancelled. Order Shipped: The order gets shipped by seller and is currently on the way to specified location for delivery.



How and when can I cancel the order?

The order made can be cancelled any time, before it would reach the ‘Order Shipped’ status. For cancellation purpose, you can contact our customer service along with order number.




How delivery process works?

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How does one attain carrot status?

Every delivery is scheduled only through well known couriers. Information would be provided to you, along with tracking id number, once the seller would ship your consignment.

Generally, Sellers would ship via Aramax Logistics, wherever it is possible and would use other well known courier service providers for the purpose of safe and timely delivery. At the time of checkout, a prompt will come up for you to indicate your locations postal code, for ensuring that the delivery is indeed made by the seller. All types of electronic products are completely insured against damages and theft during transit.



How items are packaged?

Items sold by SURA BOOKS seller are shipped in waterproof plastic wrap packages. Fragile items such as electronics are properly secured with the bubble wrap material. Each and every seller associated with SURABOOKS.COM follow this standard packaging procedure. The sellers are rated on the packaging quality and it does affect the overall seller rating.



Is the in-transit item adequately insured?

It is to be understood that only the electronic products are insured against damages and theft that are incurred during transit.



How to track effectively my order?

Every item that is sold on SURABOOKS.COM by sellers are delivered via reputed courier partners, which includes Aramax Logistics, which is the preferred delivery partner of SURABOOKS.COM. You are provided with a Tracking ID for all your orders, by the courier service provider. The Order IDs do contain several vital tracking information that are provided from Aramax Logistics.



About Aramax logistics

Aramax Logistics are actually the most preferred delivery partner for SURABOOKS.COM . Aramax is known to deliver in all the major pin codes across India. For purchasers, the returns are processed via the pick-up service provided by Aramax , wherever, possible.



Product Review & Creation Guidelines

What isn’t permitted?

Customer reviews are to be relevant to the concerned product. The item review section present in SURABOOKS.COM .com is for the customers to share their opinion on the item and for other likeminded customers to research in a better way. SURABOOKS.COM .com does reserve the right for removing reviews, which include any of the below mentioned:

  • Irrelevant review (A review that comprises of a combination of different random characters, repeated content, reviews on other products, random words, etc.)
  • Service feedback, which includes availability, payment or order related queries (Please utilize Contact us form)
  • References for other retailers
  • HTML that is embedded in Text
  • Pricing related comments
  • Profane comments
  • Personal information (postal address, email address, phone numbers and others)
  • Copyrighted comments
  • Inflammatory comments
  • Promotional content
  • Plagiarized content (If content is found anywhere else on the net, even if the person is the original author).
  • Reviews made by or even on behalf of a company or person having financial interest in the item, or competitor’s item (reviews by artists, authors, manufacturers, publishers without proper disclosure).
  • Reviews that are given by using fake ids and irrelevant user mail ids.
  • Reviews that are written for seeking compensation.
  • Requesting for helpful votes.
  • Feedback on errors mentioned in product description
  • Reviews in any other language, besides English (unless a clear connection is present to the product, such as regional music album or regional book).


Guidelines to write product reviews

Reviews that are posted on SURABOOKS.COM .com are considered to be a wonderful way for helping other customers to decide as to what is to be purchased and what needs to be avoided. Here are several tips for writing some wonderful product reviews:



Is this product used by you previously?

Reviewing a product that you have used personally would be always better.



Educating the readers

An unbiased and relevant product overview can be provided. Readers are very much interested to know the positive and negative factor of the product, so that they can make an informed decision to buy it. you need to ensure that your reviews withstand time and what is written today, is also quite relevant also after several years.



Be informative, be yourself

It is necessary to allow your personality to shine through. At the same time, it is also essential to provide the factors for backing up your opinion.



Getting the facts right

It is to be understood clearly that inaccurate information is simply worse and not accepted by anyone. In case, you are not completely sure about anything, it would be better on your part to do some research on it. this is likely to help to get the facts right, in regards to the product.



Staying concise

While being creative, it is necessary to stay on the topic. A title that is catchy is sure to get prompt attention!



Easy in reading, Easy to the eyes

To get better credibility, carrying out a quick spell and edit check is likely to work wonders. Also, the reviews are to be broken into very small, digestible paragraphs.