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  • T.S.Kuppusamy
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  • Publisher: Sura College of Competition
  • Released: 2016
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
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Part -I

☆ Historical Events of Indian Freedom Struggle ☆ British Monarchs Who Ruled India ☆ British Provinces ☆ Pakistan Provinces -1947 (Bifurcated from India) ☆ Indian Provinces - 1947 (After Bifurcation) ☆ Neighbouring Countries of India ☆ Independent India ☆ First Cabinet of Independent India ☆ Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution ☆ The Constitution of India ☆ Parts of the Indian Constitution ☆ Schedules and Appendices of the Indian Constitution ☆ Important Features of the Indian Constitution ☆ Citizenship under Indian Constitution ☆ Fundamental Rights under Indian Constitution ☆ Borrowed Features of the Indian Constitution ☆ Important Constitution Amendment Acts ☆ National Symbols ☆ National Languages ☆ Official Language of the Union ☆ Population Growth by Religion ☆ Population Trends of Major Religious groups in India ☆ National Holidays and Indian Standard Time ☆ Indian Currency☆ Important Days in the year ☆ India - Physical Features ☆ Political Parties ☆ States Reorganisation ☆ National Capital - New Delhi ☆ Rashtrapathi Bhavqn ☆ Distribution of Parliamentary Seats In Different States and Union Territories ☆ President of India ☆ List of Presidents of India ☆ Vice - President of India ☆ List of Vice-Presidents of India ☆ Prime Minister ☆ List of Prime Ministers of india ☆ Union Council of Ministers ☆ Cabinet ☆ Ministries / Departments of Union Government ☆ Central Government Employees ☆ Parliament House (Sansad Bhavan) ☆ Rajva Sabha ☆ Lok Sabha ☆ Terms of Lok Sabha ☆ Speakers of Lok Sabha ☆ Women Members of Parliament ☆ Parliamentary Committees ☆ Finance Commission ☆ Judiciary ☆ Chief Justices of India ☆ Election Commission ☆ Chief Election Commissioners of India ☆ Comptroller & Auditor•General of India

Part -II, Part -III, Part -VI, Part -V

Book Specifications

Author T.S.Kuppusamy
Category General Knowledge
Publisher Sura College of Competition
Publish Date 2016
ISBN-13 Number 9788172541453
ISBN-10 Number 8172541457
Language English
Edition Latest Edition
Number of Pages 96 Page(s)
Height 0.5 (cms)
Width 14 (cms)
Length 22 (cms)
Weight 100 (gms)
Handling Days Same Day Shipping

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