10th Standard CBSE (Ready Reckoner) Science Part I Exam Guide

10th Standard CBSE (Ready Reckoner) Science Part I Exam Guide 10%

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♚ Chemical Substances - Nature and Behaviour
♚ Chemical Reactions and Equations
♚ Acids, Bases & Salts
♚ Metals and Non-Metals
♚ World of Living
♚ Life Processes
♚ Control and Coordination
♚ Effects of Current
♚ Electricity
♚ Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
♚ Natural Resources
♚ Sources of Energy
❄ Key Concepts
❄ Solved NCERT Intext Questions
❄ Solved NCERT Exercises
❄ Solved NCERT Activities
❄ Value Based Questions [VBQ]
❄ Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions [HOTS]
❄ Solved NCERT Exemplar Questions
❄ Additional Questions
❄ Formative Assessment
❄ Self - Assessment Paper 1 & 2

Book Specifications

Author BIOLOGY : Mrs Subha Sarathy M.sc, CHEMISTRY : Mrs. Asha Gupta M.Sc, PHYSICS : Mr Rajendra Prasad M.Sc
Category Class 10
Publisher Sura Books Pvt. Ltd
Publish Date 2017
ISBN-13 Number 9788184498325
ISBN-10 Number 8184498322
Language English
Edition Latest Edition
Number of Pages 444 Page(s)
Class 10th Standard CBSC Guide
Height 2 (cms)
Width 18 (cms)
Length 24 (cms)
Weight 500 (gms)
Handling Days Same Day Shipping

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vijaychandran 20/Dec/2014

Excellent book. It covers all topic in-detail. The content is made very easy to understand

Was this review helpful?    
sharmisundari 17/Dec/2014

You need to be familiar with the earlier chapters and basics that you study. This will help in knowing the steps in between. The author has made everything as clear as possible

Was this review helpful?    
lakshmidivya 02/Nov/2014

Sura publication is fast growing. It`s worth buying from this publisher. Great going. Grow on and on. My best wishes

Was this review helpful?    
premkumar22 12/Oct/2014

Hi I`m studying my tenth grade. I want the author to be descriptive in explaining formulae. These are confusing every time. In few places, I really struggle without knowing the steps derived in between

Was this review helpful?    
chandrukumar 03/Oct/2014

This is a complete guide. There are so many topics that are tough to understand from the school text books or teaching made in school. This science guide encompases every single topic in a descriptive manner and brings a tone of comfort to students

Was this review helpful?    
muthumani 17/Sep/2014

The pricing could be made a bit lower. Rs 280 is on the higher side

Was this review helpful?    

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