10th Standard CBSE (Ready Reckoner) Social Science Part II Exam Guide

10th Standard CBSE (Ready Reckoner) Social Science Part II Exam Guide 10%

  • Mrs Chitra M.A
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  • Publisher: Sura Books
  • Released: 2017
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
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♚ History
India and Contemporary World II
❀ The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
❀ The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
❀ Nationalism in India
♚ Geography
Contemporary India II
❀ Minerals and Energy Resources
❀ Manufacturing Industries
❀ Life Lines of National Economy
♚ Civics
Democratic Politics II
❀ Popular Struggles and Movements
❀ Political Parties
❀ Outcomes of Democracy
❀ Challenges to Democracy
♚ Economics
Understanding Economic Development
❀ Money and Credit
❀ Globalisation and the Indian Economy
❀ Consumer Rights
❄ Notes On Chapter
❄ Date Line
❄ Technical Terms
❄ NCERT Write In Brief Questions
❄ NCERT Discuss Questions
❄ Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions [HOTS]
❄ Value Based Questions [VBQ]
❄ Picture Based Questions [PBQ]
❄ Source BasedQuestions [SBQ]
❄ Additional Questions

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Author Mrs Chitra M.A
Category Class 10
Publisher Sura Books
Publish Date 2017
ISBN-13 Number 9788184498677
ISBN-10 Number 8184498675
Language English
Edition Latest Edition
Number of Pages 384 Page(s)
Class 10th Standard CBSC Guide
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Width 18 (cms)
Length 24 (cms)
Weight 300 (gms)
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suresh 02/Jan/2015

Social science studies is one of the boring subjects. Will this book make it even more boring, or help in studying easily?

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radhika 27/Dec/2014

Social science can be easily studied. All we need is a bit of interest and enough resources to study. Though this book has good amount of information contained in in, referring the web is indispensable to make the subject matter more engaging

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vadivel 04/Dec/2014

I placed my order in surabook.com for social science, and math books. I`m fully confident of this portal as you are very prompt in making deliveries. I`ll definitely recommend buying from this portal

Was this review helpful?    
manoharan 22/Nov/2014

I would recommend buying this book mainly for the descriptive nature

Was this review helpful?    
raman 03/Nov/2014

This book contains good number of pictorial represenation and colorful images describing the concepts.

Was this review helpful?    
brindha 12/Oct/2014

Hi all, I bought this book last week. This is good actually, but not the best though

Was this review helpful?    

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