SURA`S Ever Latest General Knowledge(GK) Book in English Medium - Latest Updated Edition 2023

SURA`S Ever Latest General Knowledge(GK) Book in English Medium - Latest Updated Edition 2023 10%

  • V.V.K Subburaj
  • Seller: Sura BooksCertified Seller
  • Publisher: Sura College of Competition
  • Released: 2022
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
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Indian History



General Science

Indian Constitution

National Symbols

Hill Stations in India

Diseases and Nutrition

Countries, their Capitals and Currencies

Names of Parliaments of Some Important Countries

Official Books and Papers of some Countries

National Emblem of different Countries

Flower Emblems of different Countries

Geographical Epithets

World’s Highest Mountain Peaks

World’s Longest Rivers

Highest Waterfalls

Deepest Caves

Largest Islands

Largest Lakes

Largest Deserts

Largest Seas

Seven Continents of the World

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Seven Wonders of the Medieval  World

New Seven Wonders of the World

Symbols and their Significations

Important Days of India and International

Important Geographical Discoveries

Some Intelligence Agencies of the World Countries

Top 5 Largest Countries

Top 5 Smallest Countries

Longevity Table (Approximate)

Old and New Names of Countries and Cities

Important International Lines of Demarcation

Important sites in India

Heights of Some Important Indian Peaks

Lengths of Some Important Indian Rivers

Some Important Sanctuaries and parks in India

Major Ports in India

Indian Cities/Towns on River banks

Top Mineral Producing States in India

Firsts in India

Space Firsts

First Visitors, Invaders etc.

Sports Firsts

Biggest, Fastest, Highest, Largest, etc

Famous Indian Personalities

Tiger Reserves in India

Science & Technology

Book Specifications

Author V.V.K Subburaj
Category General Knowledge
Publisher Sura College of Competition
Publish Date 2022
ISBN-13 Number 9789393130952
ISBN-10 Number 9393130957
Language English
Edition Latest Edition
Height 22 (cms)
Width 2 (cms)
Length 18 (cms)
Weight 300 (gms)
Handling Days Two Days Shipping

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